PsycHOTically Yours


You trace my Veins and Scar My heart.

Blood drives my emotion , I plunge really hard..

Into the darkness that now devours ..Lost pieces of puzzles..

Your Stare-Frozen ,pierces my Body rips my soul and shreds my heartbeat..

Your touch feels like burning coal that makes my veins tear apart

you choke me with the same kisses that once felt like dew on my skin..

Being with you now feels like a Sin.

My skin like an eroded valley lets the blood flow,

Turbulent -shattering every inch of the life in me..

Your laugh that once felt like Summer Rain ,

feels like I have been pouring Acid trapped in pain,

Your voice makes me pale and blows right across my ears.

every emotion falls flat like autumn leaves  .

Your Smile that once was my beginning maybe is going to be my end.

Inch by Inch fear crawls beneath,my shadow it curls up in a wreath.

Shudders my Spine with thunder -that touch which feels so crude.

Baffles my breath .. I close my eyes and Vision departs ..

Heaven dawns on me- Death plays its part..

Its been a while since you have had blood strewn over your Hands and wrists.

So Busy in writing me a love letter- with the boiling crimson blood

the last love letter and then you sign off.

PsycHOTically  Yours


A Girl Named Trouble

She Storms into My Room Untying her Braids and lets loose her curls that I can play with..

Its been a tough day and She Buries her head on my shoulder ,her gaze transfixed in her book she has been reading for the past week-“Of Love and Other Things.”

I pull up her chin and remove her Glasses .. And all I can do Is Smile At her face ..

But Then she snaps me out of my Castle Of Daydreams ,Estranged .

All I can say is I’m Stuck Up with this Girl and I like to call her Trouble .

So We Will Definitely Miss Our Mummas


You are  the one has caressed me for Nine months within your Womb

You Are the one who traced my heartbeat throughout

You are the one who has rocked me to sleep sacrificing your own .

Nursed me through your sleepless toils

Your tender care that has wiped my tears ever since I was Born

You and Daddy Made those faultering steps that were so hesitant to walk

Scrubbed those muddy knees that crawled on  wooden floors.

Fed me Oodles of Cerelac that I so often splashed on Daddy’s Shirts .

When there was only Blabbering and I couldn’t speak a word.

Taught me how to speak -Mum Mum ..

You Dressed me up and combed those messy hair..

We blew candles together on Those giant Chocolate cakes..

you puckered my cheeks with kisses and kindled love in my heart..

You taught me that scary dreams won’t be able to harm me

And all those wishes you made true like Genies ..

Still stand to guard me..

You lead me on and left me at school.. packed me lunches

on which I used to drool..

You hugged me close held me tight

With you I never felt Pangs of Plight..

You Two are beyond Descriptions-my pillars ..

My Inspirations

And today As I stand on the verge of a Journey

I swear in the name of our Inside Jokes

I will never let you two down ..

Never let Harm cross your way

Make you Proud in Every Way

For Every  Beautiful Parent And Specially My Mumma and Papa ❤

In Love Yet?


He plays with her hair like he strums the strings of his favorite bohemian guitar ,

She paints his face with kisses.. just like her passionate strokes over her canvasses..

He writes her love songs like its his only homework..and..

She sings and strokes him to sleep with her voice..

He makes her bed time tea while she sleeps in his bed tucked up in blankets wearing his  white shirt..

He calls her ” my tomboy” as he lifts her up in the vicinity of his arms ..just as a gentle breeze touches her never ending smile..

She pulls his cheeks while her she traces his handsome jawline..that smiles enigmatically- probably the brightest moment of the day..

long walks and coffee ..movies and books .. it is their thing..they say..

letters and inside jokes..dramas and fights just for that last slice of pizza ..

Theirs is an eternal lovestory they say..

So are you in Love ..My Love ?

Are You in Love Yet ?

Probably Hold You Back ,My Love <3


There is just a cranny in my Heart ❤

A corner dedicated to our Lovestruck Memoirs …you and me for an entire Lifetime a surpassing phase of Unnatural Beauty

So I still Light up my days and Burn up my nights just the fuel of those unending tears.

I still Preserve those frames of Moments frozen in the enamour of the Sensation of being loved so dearly.

I  still feel your Laugh tingling in my ears..And that smile that once carved my Own Day.

But then when I sense My Heart On A Loose End .I won’t let go this wild thing that so often had beaten for you .

Ambiguity has been my guise since those glances met yours ,you were all that I ever called for

Serene and Placid the touch of your hand,  A Mysterious and Divine Soul .

The Untold misery of love let loose, two People so different caught Offguard .

A corner that still bears your name, still heals the scars that still make me feel Morose.

I would have borne the courage to probably hold you back , My Love

Unspoken Remedies

No matter how hard I try to collect all the frozen drops  that have stained my face with , wipe those marks of bruises under my Eyes- with the hands roughened by My Urge to hold on to stupid hopes. Try To stand after weeks of My Unstable Equilibrium that has erased all Emotion.The galaxy of nightmares that gets away with my broken pieces,recovering them is impossible.

So Should I still  Try- No.

Surrender to My vices – I won’t.

Blank out on my own Weaknesses-Never.

Strange – I wish i had Amnesia.  I wish i could hum those happy tunes ..but its time to face the music -And i will make new moves on Every tune.I’m comfortable in Your Absence- Acceptable it is ,i thought once was impossible.Uprooted all memories .Erased each of your words-the ones you said .And I guess its safer now ,Isn’t It?So be it – this is the best Time- And This Time I’m The one who is getting away.I should have known from the Beginning .I wish i could turn back time-and lessen my soul Of the load of your presence I should have built up a fortress to keep you away. Not breathe the same air as you .Quit all those Effortless Measures-seek unnecessary Remedies.And focus more on the way I was degrading- me. The insomniac inside me has died now. It is like I gave your memories Morphine to Salute you and all those yesterdays

Another Life -Another Day.Another Breath, another way The Past is Buried Now , The Future is A Mystery. Today has been Magical -After months I felt Free. Guess Moving On is the key to every Unanswered Question. You Need to know that every Image Of You Inside me died A slow death .A portion Of life That I won’t See.

This  My Dear is – A call to those Unspoken Remedies